The Empties: December 2014

As the year wraps up, empties seemed like the right post to end the year with. I can get all the junk I have lying around and start the year fresh and clean, so to speak. Plus, I just realized my last empties post was in May, so this is clearly way overdue. And […]

Travel Essentials: Roadtrip Beauty & Makeup Sans Brushes

A couple of months ago (yes, that’s how behind I am on posts…), my family and I did a 10 day roadtrip through the Rocky Mountains. Crammed in a car with 5 people and with barely any space for suitcases and such, and a different hotel room every night, I ended up living out […]

The Disappointments: July 2014

She returns! I apologize for the unintended hiatus – multiple jobs, family, friends and other unexpected event have been leaving me no time to sleep, let alone do anything else (and the condition of my skin will attest to the hectic lifestyle I have been leading for the last few weeks). But I’m back and […]

THE Best Spot Treatment: Etival Laboratoire Clarifying Skin Clear Spot Relief Lotion – Review

As someone with acne prone skin, I can attest to the importance of a good spot treatment. I have tried lots and lots and lots of them until I found the Etival Laborataire Clarifying Skin Clear Spot Relief Lotion with MULTI-PRO and SEPICONTROL A5 a few years ago. This was the product that started my […]

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