Mini Mascara Review: Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

I don’t know why but Stila just doesn’t seem to catch my eye too often. There are very few products that seem to work for me so it’s never on my radar. The HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara is not one that I had heard about prior to receiving the sample but it may end up being […]

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The Empties: December 2015 (Part 2)

I’m back with some more empties. And there are a lot of them so let’s just dive right in!

Philosophy Purity Gel Cleanser: This is the gel version of the famous Philosophy’s Purity cleanser. The original Purity cleanser makes me break out quite readily so I wasn’t particularly willing to use this on a regular […]

The Empties: December 2015 (Part 1)

Although I have been a little MIA around these parts (wedding planning is like taking on a second full time job!), I have still been hoarding my trash in the hopes that I will be able to get around to laying it all out in a post. So before the year’s over, I would […]

Mini Mascara Review: Benefit Roller Lash

Benefit rolls out their products with a lot of hype so I generally tend to ignore the rave reviews, at least at first, and Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara release was not much different. Then I saw a this mascara on both my sister’s and my mother’s vanity. As people who don’t care about what’s new and shiny […]

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The Empties: December 2014

As the year wraps up, empties seemed like the right post to end the year with. I can get all the junk I have lying around and start the year fresh and clean, so to speak. Plus, I just realized my last empties post was in May, so this is clearly way overdue. And […]