Travel Essentials: Roadtrip Beauty & Makeup Sans Brushes

A couple of months ago (yes, that’s how behind I am on posts…), my family and I did a 10 day roadtrip through the Rocky Mountains. Crammed in a car with 5 people and with barely any space for suitcases and such, and a different hotel room every night, I ended up living out […]

Summer Essentials: Cottage Edition

As much as I love technology and the city life, getting away from it all is usually the best part of summer for me. So to the cottage I went over the Canada Day long weekend and despite wanting to commune with nature, I couldn’t bear the thought of being completely barefaced (get it? […]

Protect Yourself! La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreens

I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who enjoys wearing sunscreen. I think we can safely presume that such a person doesn’t exists. It’s just one of those necessary evils in life that must be dealt with.  I’m no expert on the issue but here’s my PSA anyway: Use sunscreen! 

Sunscreen is crucial in preventing […]