Travel Essentials: Roadtrip Beauty & Makeup Sans Brushes

A couple of months ago (yes, that’s how behind I am on posts…), my family and I did a 10 day roadtrip through the Rocky Mountains. Crammed in a car with 5 people and with barely any space for suitcases and such, and a different hotel room every night, I ended up living out […]

Fall Favourites: Terracotta Brown Lipsticks – Burberry, MAC & Make Up For Ever

Fall is finally here but I’m not quite in the mood for deep berry and plum lips just yet. I suppose it’s a feeble effort to hold on to summer as long as possible. With the 90s lips back in style, browns ended up being my perfect transition shade. Here are some of lipsticks that […]

The Empties: May 2014

Most people think discussing your trash is a more than a little odd. Not if you’re a beauty blogger! Here we go.

1.  Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream: Many people’s favourite that I just do not understand. It hurts to throw it out because it’s pretty much a full tube but it’s completely useless. […]

The Empties: September 2013

I would like to share some of my garbage with you so I can finally throw it all out. There is such an odd satisfaction in seeing products that have actually been used in your recycling bin… isn’t there? Anyone?… Ok, then. In order to keep this post from being longer than it already […]

Summer Brights: Pinks – Dior, MAC, Make Up For Ever & Giorgio Armani

I love bright lipsticks and even though I like to wear them all year round, I do tend to wear them more in the summer. As a rule, bright lipsticks that comprise my collection are warm toned corals, reds and oranges. I can’t wear cool toned lipsticks and since most pink lipsticks lean very […]